MFA Oil CEO announces retirement

Feb 19, 2014

The president and CEO of MFA Oil announced Monday that he is retiring. After 32 years of working with MFA Oil, Jerry Taylor will retire on August 31, 2014. 

Taylor, who also currently serves on the MFA and MFA Oil Foundations board, said that now is that right moment for this to take place.

“I’m 67,” Taylor said. “Look forward to working a few more years with some of the subsidiary companies that we’ve started over the last couple of years. So, in that regard I would report to the new CEO Mark Fenner, and manage some of these new companies that we’ve started just to make sure they’re successful over the next few years.”

Tom May is the director of public relations for the MFA Oil Company. He said Taylor has had a positive impact on the company throughout his time there.

“Really he’s had a great run as CEO of our company,” May said. “We have grown as a company. We have become very very financially strong over his leadership period, and he’s also brought us into some new types of businesses.”

Taylor said the highlight of his career at MFA Oil has been the opportunity to work with farmers as well as company employees.

“Unquestionably, the highlight of my career is just the opportunity to work with farmers,” Taylor said. “MFA Oil is a farmer-owned cooperative; eight board members govern it. We have 1,000 delegates out there in the government system and they are all farmers. That is a delight.”

Taylor said his successor Mark Fenner, who is currently the chief operating officer, has the ability to expand MFA Oil. Taylor said he will continue to work with MFA Oil Biomass, AgFuel Energy Systems and WasteWater Logic.