Missouri Authorities Investigate E. Coli Outbreak

Missouri authorities are investigating an E. coli outbreak that has led to nine hospitalizations and 33 confirmed ill.

By Mychaela Bruner (Columbia, Mo.)

The source of the E. coli outbreak has not been identified yet, but officials say many patients have eaten at salad bars in the St. Louis area.  St. Louis County Health Department spokesperson Craig LeFebvre said most strands of E. coli are harmless but some can cause illness.

“We do recommend that you seek medical attention immediately, preferably an ER, because there are complications that can develop if E. coli is untreated," LeFebvre said. "This isn’t something you can easily just ride out at home.”

LeFebvre said symptoms of E. coli could include blood in the stool, urinary tract infections, and respiratory illnesses.