Missouri lawmakers reach a compromise on the state budget

May 10, 2012

With a Friday deadline looming, Missouri lawmakers finally reached a compromise on putting the final touches on the state budget. The agreement addresses veterans' homes, university funding and other sticking points.

First, budget negotiators agreed to spread an additional three million dollars among several universities, including Southeast Missouri State, and dropped a proposal to give two million to that school alone.As a result, GOP Senator Jason Crowell stopped blacking the entire Senate with procedural moves, which allowed the passage of a bill to fund veterans' homes with casino fees.Other threats to the bill that involved the Sue Shear Institute and a ratings system for early childhood programs were also resolved. Kurt Schaefer was the chief negotiator for the Senate."It's inevitable that somebody wants to pull a string here or there, and you have just to deal with that."Lawmakers are expected to send the state budget to the governor Thursday.