Missouri runners support Boston, in planned Boston Strong 5K race

Apr 24, 2013

The Boston Strong 5K run in Columbia is scheduled for Saturday morning, April 27, at Stephens Lake Park. Shown here: Runners in the 2009 Boston Marathon.
Credit Christopher S. Penn / flickr

Columbia is scheduled host the Boston Strong 5K run Saturday morning at Stephens Lake Park.

Pavementrunner.com created the race to show support for Boston marathon bombing victims and their families, with events worldwide. The website says Boston Strong runs give runners a chance to unite, and run for those who were unable to finish, and those who may never run again.

Casey Millburg, the organizer for Boston Strong CoMo, came across the idea while searching articles on the internet, and decided to plan a race for Columbia.

"It's a really low-key event, it's just something for anyone who wants to participate, they don't have to register," Millburg said.

Abigail Anderson, a runner who helped Millburg plan the event said it is important that the event remains focused entirely on Boston. "There's no money in it, it's basically to form together as one and just let people know that you support them," Anderson said.

The Boston Strong Run in Columbia will follow the model of San Diego's Boston Strong event, by beginning with a moment of silence. "We'll ask participants to raise up a number one finger in this moment of silence to represent that we are all one, we stand as one with Boston and the victims," Anderson said.

The race begins at Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. at Stephens Lake Park. The race is also open to walkers, volunteers, and spectators. Participants are asked to wear blue and yellow in support of Boston.

For more information on the run, search #bostonstrongcomo on twitter, or Boston Strong CoMo 5K, on facebook events.