Missouri student success on Advanced Placement tests doubles

Feb 22, 2013

The number of Missouri students succeeding on Advanced Placement Tests has doubled in the last decade.

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education spokesperson Sarah Potter said AP tests saved a great deal of money for students in 2012.

“Potential cost savings for the students and families are more than fifteen million dollars by taking these exams and getting college credit,” Potter said.

Although Missouri is showing improvement among the students who do take the test, the number of students taking the test is low.

“Missouri ranks forty eight out of fifty states in D.C. in the percentage of students who are actually participating in the program," Potter said.

Potter says promoting the tests in rural areas is important to increase the number, who takes the test.

Columbia Public Schools spokesperson Michelle Baumstark said Columbia expects to keep increasing the numbers here.

“Every year we have more and more students who are taking the exam,” Baumstark said. According to Columbia Public Schools, its students are doing better on AP tests than the state or national averages.  Close to eighteen percent of students in Columbia take the test versus nine percent state-wide.