Mo panel wants education funding based on performance

Dec 8, 2011

A task force is recommending that funding for universities and community colleges in Missouri be based in part on graduation rates and other performance-based criteria.

The recommendation was presented today Thursday in Jefferson City to the state’s Coordinating Board for Higher Education.  Republican David Pearce of Johnson County chairs the Senate Education Committee:

“Those schools that do well need to be rewarded for that, and those that don’t, that’s kind of a wake-up call…there are certain areas that I think we need to focus on, and colleges need to be rewarded for that.”

The criteria would vary – for universities, it could include increases in degrees awarded and higher retention rates for first and second-year students.   For community colleges, it could include the number of students who either transfer to a 4-year university or who get an Associate’s Degree within three years. 

Pearce plans to file legislation to implement performance-based criteria during the regular session, which begins next month.