MODOT will use grant on "dangerous" curves in Jefferson City

Jun 5, 2013

Credit File photo / MoDot

Missouri is one of 13 states that will get federal grant money to improve road conditions.

As a part of the Everyday Counts initiative Missouri was granted $150,000 to implement new road technology to improve road safety. Travis Koestner, Assistant District Engineer at Missouri Department of Transportation, says this money will go towards a road re-surfacing project using High Friction Surface Treatment. 

“So federal highway is wanting to try these types of products to see if it can strategically be used in certain areas to improve the safety of the roadway for all the travelers,” Koestner said.

Koestner says the project will begin in Jefferson City near the Madison Street exit at the Madison Curve on Route 54 as well in-between the Route C and Route 54 exits on Route 179.  He says both of these areas have dangerous curves and hills that make driving difficult, especially in poor weather.  High Friction Surface Treatment is used to give drivers a better grip when driving conditions are less than ideal.