More meth incidents in Boone County concern health officials

Sep 30, 2013

Boone County health officials say an increase in methamphetamine incidents in the county could provide easy access for drug abusers.
Credit File Photo / KBIA

Methamphetamine incidents are on the rise as Boone County receives its 8th case of the year.

  On Thursday, the Boone County Sherriff’s Department received its eighth case in connection to the drug in a northern Columbia home. Last year, Missouri State Highway Patrol reported over 20 cases last year.

Boone County Detective Tom O’Sullivan said the number of incidents so far this year is consistent with previous years. O’Sullivan said lately it is individuals over the age of 40 who have been caught producing the drug.

He said the battle with methamphetamine is still going on but there are some ways to stop it.

“Hopefully some of these people, through rehab or incarceration, get off meth because it is a one way dead end road that usually wines up in death or incarceration,” O’ Sullivan said.

According to Heather Harlan, Certified Reciprocal Prevention Specialist at the Phoenix Program, the proximity of these labs could provide easy access for drug abusers. However, addiction to meth is not the starting point for substance abuse.

“People begin with substance use issues with alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. They don’t begin with methamphetamine,” Harlan said.

She said that before getting law enforcement involved it is important for the communities to look more seriously into providing resources for the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.