New rule lets people take themselves off casino exclusion list

Mar 30, 2012

Officials with the Missouri Gaming Commission say they’re getting a lot of inquiries about a new rule that allows people to take themselves off the state’s voluntary casino exclusion list.

Today was the first day that forms were available to start the process.

There are about 16-thousand, five hundred people on the so-called disassociated persons list. Commission spokeswoman LeAnn McCarthy says about 11-thousand of them have been on for five years or longer, which makes them eligible for voluntary removal.

McCarthy says she’s also had gamblers call up wanting to put themselves on the list.

“Missouri was one of only three states with the only option for exclusion being a lifetime ban," said McCarthy. "And we heard from a lot of people that a shorter option may be more inviting because lifetime is an intimidating amount of time.”

The D.A.P. is separate from the “black list” of people who are banned from casinos for committing crimes related to gambling.