Nixon signs 12 bills into law, vetoes 10

Jul 12, 2012

Missouri Democratic Governor Jay Nixon was busy Thursday, making decisions on 22 bills the legislature put on his desk.

Some of the more notable bills include his signing of a bill aimed at increasing the amount of trained autism therapy professionals in the state, and his veto of a controversial bill that would have exempted religious organizations from covering contraception under their health insurance plans, if that coverage would go against the organizations' beliefs.

Nixon's office provided these links to information about the bills he signed, and the veto messages for each measure that he struck down:

Bills passed

SB 470, concerning transportation;

SB 568, concerning transportation;

SB 636, concerning the judiciary;

SB 719, concerning public safety;

HB 1036, concerning ballot emblems;

HB 1103, concerning real estate;

HB 1105, concerning the state militia;

HB 1308, concerning pledged securities;

HB 1460, concerning the Court Automation Fund;

HB 1495, concerning the reporting of insurance fraud

HB 1563, concerning trained autism professions

HB 1909, concerning aviation

Bills vetoed

SB 566, concerning vaccination of pets;

SB 569, concerning elections;

SB 607, concerning outdoor advertising;

SB 635, concerning banking;

SB 715, concerning the state militia;

SB 749, concerning health care;

SB 837, concerning franchise alcohol suppliers;

HB 1250, concerning elections;

HB 1329, concerning motor vehicles; and

HB 1758, concerning parental relationships