October real estate figures show 2012 boost for Columbia

Nov 23, 2012

Credit File Photo / KBIA

New housing figures for Columbia are showing that the number of homes sold so far in 2012 has already surpassed the yearly total from the year 2011. Thanks to the 117 homes sold in October, this year’s tally of sold homes has already bested that 2011 amount by more than 100. The Columbia Board of Realtors says that 1,629 homes have been sold between January and October.

Board of Realtors president Kim Coleman says that cooperative weather in the beginning of the year, a strong job market in the city, and the return of consumer confidence in the real estate market all helped make 2012 the strongest year in the last few. She also says the average sales price of homes has jumped up, too. “It’s gone up from the beginning of the year from $175,000 as the average sales price in Boone County to a little bit over $185,520," says Colmean. "So it is looking good that that sales price is going up which is always a good thing.”  

Coleman says that we can expect sales numbers to remain strong in the real estate market in 2013 so long as interest rates stay low.