One Mizzou Week kicks off with diversity rally

Nov 13, 2012

“One Mizzou Week” kicked off with a diversity rally Monday night.

One Mizzou is hosting a series of events throughout the week, including last night's keynote speaker, author Maya Angelou. The week’s events are meant to challenge MU students to recognize and incorporate diverse voices into every aspect of campus life. Senior Coordinator of the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center Nathan Stephens said he wants the campus to become a better community by students getting to know more people.

“We’ve made several transitions, one being into the SEC," Stephens said. "We’ve also made transitions into a sense of unity and the sense of more of a community. I think what better time to celebrate a week of success."

Stephens said  if students embrace diversity, they will begin to change the culture and the attitudes of many members of the Mizzou family. All "One Mizzou" events are open to the public.