Online newspapers bypass censorship in Malaysia

Jun 28, 2012

The most popular website in Malaysia is an enigma – an online newspaper that’s thriving in a country where freedom of the press has always been suffocated.

Malaysiakini, or Malaysia Now, operates out of shabby offices in Kuala Lumpur – with two-dozen reporters and a shoestring budget. Malaysiakini is considered to be the only independent independent media outlet with independent financing in all of Malaysia.

The online newspaper is also an example of how the Internet can dramatically change the political power structure in an authoritarian country.

Host David Reed spoke to Steven Gan, the co-founder and editor of Malaysiakini. He talked about how they’ve managed to challenge the authorities for 13 years now, in a country that’s been ruled by the same political party since winning its independence from Britain 55 years ago.


Note: Video of the program will be posted once it's available.