Public school libraries increase use of mobile technology

Nov 23, 2012

Columbia Public School libraries are working hard to bring twenty-first century skills to Columbia youth with an increase in iPads and other mobile technology in school media centers.

The Columbia Public School system has been adding a growing emphasis on technology over the past few years. There are now 29 professional specialists placed in schools to encourage the students and teachers to use technology effectively. Computer literacy is a focus, even in the elementary schools, and the specialists hope that iPads and other mobile tools will aid the learning processes throughout the district. Fifth graders at Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary have recently had the opportunity to take digital videos and pictures.

Erika Finch is the media specialist at Alpha Hart Lewis. She says that students of all ages are enjoying the increase in technology available at school.

“Students can read books online with MyOnReader, they really seem to enjoy it," Finch says. "Every time they come to the computer lab they ask if they can do it. So they really enjoy getting to have traditional things presented in a different way.”

Finch says the media specialists also emphasize internet safety and cyberbully precautions as part of the expanding curriculum.