Radio play: John Kendricks Bang's 'Breakfast Conversations with The Idiot'

Mar 18, 2014

Welcome to another edition of Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre. This episode is based on a book entitled "The Idiot," by John Kendrick Bangs. It was first published in 1895. 

The Idiot was one of Mr. Bangs' most beloved characters, and there are several volumes of his adventures. We have renamed our audio adaptation, "Breakfast Conversatoins with The Idiot," which more accurately captures our version of the story. 





The players:

  • The Idiot: Steve Jones
  • Mr. Pedagog: Cary Butters
  • Mrs. Pedagog, Mrs. Idiot: Deb Davis
  • Doctor, Bibliomaniac: Terry Yates
  • Reverend, Lawyer: Paul Davis
  • Narrator: Darren Hellwege


  • Script adaptation for radio: Brad Buchanan
  • Engineer: Darren Hellwege
  • Editing/production: Amy Humphrey and Joe Hayes
  • Podcast publisher: Kellie Moore

This podcast originally aired on March 7, 2014.