Reactions to Menu Courey case differ among MU students

Feb 3, 2014


A high-profile broadcast on ESPN about the alleged sexual assault, mental health challenges and eventual suicide of former MU swimmer Sasha Menu Courey set off a discussion in the sports and campus communities last week.

Reactions to the story among students on the MU campus differed, as seen in the video above.

“There usually has to be something that happened for allegations like this to be made. So I definitely think it should be further looked into,” MU junior Christina Turner said.

It also resulted in a series of separate statements from the university in response to the report, which blamed the university for a failure to intervene or investigate Menu Courey’s situation and the allegations.

“I don’t think the university has been portrayed fairly. This is a very great university,” MU freshman Joel Cousins said. “I think we handled it in a way that people wouldn’t understand if they didn’t go here, so I don’t think we were put in the right light.”

When asked about how they thought the University of Missouri and MU campus is handling the situation, the answers varied.

“If that’s what she (Courey) wanted not to have this be a big thing I feel like we’re really violating her wishes by making this super public,” MU junior Taylor Christmas said.

“You want to have people having this conversation on campus and that’s how these things don’t happen in the future is that people realize what’s going on,” MU junior Carson Cornelius said.

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