Reed's campaign cash stash largest of St. Louis mayoral candidates; Krewson raised $500K in a month

Feb 28, 2017
Originally published on February 28, 2017 3:09 pm

St. Louis Alderman Lyda Krewson has raised more than $500,000 in just the last month, far more than her Democratic rivals to be the city’s next mayor. But Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed is heading into the final week of campaigning with the most money in the bank.

That’s the two biggest takeaways from the final campaign-finance reports, which were due Monday, for the March 7 primary. 

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St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones' report had yet to show up on the Missouri Ethics Commission's website by Tuesday morning, but her campaign provided a copy to St. Louis Public Radio.  The report shows she's raised $105,052 in the last month and $381.140 overall. She has spent $192,175 in the last month, and $248,957 overall. She is heading into the final week with $131,283 in the bank.

Krewson’s report shows she raised more than $1.2 million overall, almost half of which was in the last five weeks. She's spent most of it: $984,342 in the last month; close to $800,000 of that was on TV ads. 

Reed, meanwhile, raised about $175,000 in the last month, upping his overall tally to about $490,000. He reports having close to $310,000 left in the bank for the final week.

His reported spending — $119,501 in the last month and $254,456 overall — shows virtually none was spent on the TV ads that have been airing. It’s unclear whether he plans to buy more ad time or has yet to pay for the existing ads.

The two other major Democratic contenders – Aldermen Antonio French and Jeffrey Boyd – don't have much in the bank.

French reported raising $40,957 in the last month, and $87,140 overall. He has spent $123,494, and about $45,000 just in the last month. The breakdown is about $5,000 for TV and about $400 for Twitter and Facebook activity. His report shows he has about $22,000 left in the bank.

Boyd reported raising about $42,000 during the last month and spending about $38,000 — mostly on fliers, marketing and canvassing. Overall, he has raised $80,545, and spent $102,000. He still has $23,905 left in the bank.

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