Republican Primary will decide Sen. McCaskill's opponent

Aug 7, 2012

Three Missouri Republicans are vying for the chance to take on Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill this November.  All three have a strong chance of winning the GOP an extra Senate seat.

Congressman Todd Akin, former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman and wealthy businessman John Brunner have spent the past few days sprinting around the state looking to scoop up any remaining votes.      

Dave Robertson, a Political Scientist at the University of Missouri St. Louis, says the primary has garnered an unusually high profile.   

“Whoever wins the nomination is going to have a pretty good chance against Claire McCaskill, who is a vulnerable incumbent,” Robertson said.

And that has the McCaskill campaign already running ads around the state. Earlier this summer the Senator announced she would skip the Democratic Convention too focus on what’s expected to be a tough road to reelection.