"Right to Pray" amendment passes

Aug 8, 2012

Missouri voters voiced their support for Amendment 2 yesterday.

About 80 percent voted in favor of the measure known as the “Right to Pray” amendment, which advocates say reinforces freedom of religion. Republican Sarah Steelman, who conceded the Senate race last night, voted “Yes.”

“Of course we have that protection in the first amendment of our United States Constitution, but there’s been lots and lots of legal cases where that’s been challenged, and I think this just gives another protection to people in Missouri,” Steelman said. 

Passing Amendment 2 means government officials can call on clergy to pray before meetings, and students can be exempt from classroom activities that violate their religious beliefs. Schools will also be required to display the Bill of rights. Critics say the amendment is redundant because the U.S. Constitution already protects freedom of religion. They expect it will spark lawsuits and create other complications.

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