Rolling trash bin program hits a bump of opposition

Sep 5, 2012

City Manager, Mike Matthes, says a 5.8 million dollar plan to use rolling trash bins is not in the budget for 2013. Columbia resident, Frankie Minor, spoke at the city council meeting on behalf of a large group of people who say they oppose the program.

“There is a lot of concern that the carts are going to sit there all day being unsightly," Minor said. "They’re going to roll down hills, elderly or people with mobility issues will not be able to manipulate them as well.”

Minor questions a plan that would replace a program many Columbia citizens are satisfied with.

“That is one of the biggest questions our group has is you know the old adage 'if it’s not broke why fix it?'" Minor said. "If you have anything with a 85 to 94 percent approval rating why would you want to consider changing it?”

A pilot for rolling trash bins will be presented to the City Council meeting later this month. Many at the council meeting Tuesday night say they plan to petition against the pilot plan.