Scotland considers independence

Jul 24, 2014

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Yes Scotland mark 100-days to go to the referendum 'Yes Scotland' marks 100 Days to go until independence referendum, Edinburgh, Scotland, Britain - 09 Jun 2014 Nicola Sturgeon was joined by Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins and volunteers to unveil a new initiative for the final 100 days of the referendum campaign. Edinburgh Monday 9th of June 2014. Nicola Sturgeon and her husband, Peter Murrell, who is also Chief Executive of the SNP
Credit Rex Features via AP Images

In September, voters in Scotland will participate in a unique referendum. They will decide whether or not Scotland should secede from the United Kingdom and become its own, independent country. Supporters of the referendum, led by advocacy group Yes Scotland, say that Scotland should have greater control over what goes on within its borders, like how its tax revenues are spent and how its economic policies are crafted. Those against the referendum, led by advocacy group Better Together, say Scotland would struggle to exist as an independent country, and the benefits associated with being part of the UK, like a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, outweigh those of being separate. On Global Journalist, we'll look at the upcoming referendum, as well as the economic and social reasons that are driving this discussion forward. Our guests: