Security experts concerned about electronic voting machines

Nov 5, 2012

Electronic voting eliminates issues with paper ballots, but it may bring about another set of concerns.

Security experts raise concerns about electronic voting machines, saying they are susceptible to being hacked online or in person. But Randolph County Clerk Will Ellis said his office has taken steps to keep votes secure.

“We also have technology personnel that are stationed at each location that uses all the electronic equipment," said Ellis. "And they are right there when the doors open. So they can sit there and watch and make sure that it is the same machine, it is the same seal that we put on.”

Ellis said that to prevent cyber attacks, Randolph County voting machines are never connected to the internet.  He said the county checks the machines for reliability and then locks them up until the morning of the election. The Clerk’s office seals all voting machines. If a seal is broken, the County brings out a replacement machine.