SOS Kander tells Texas Gov. Rick Perry to keep hands off Missouri jobs

Aug 22, 2013

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is launching an ad campaign in which he asks Missouri workers and employers to consider moving to Texas.

You can hear one of the radio ads here:

This comes a week before Perry is set to visit the Show Me State.  Perry’s office says in a press release he’ll be talking with “employers and business leaders” while he’s here, and will meet with the Missouri Chamber of Commerce in Chesterfield. Perry launched a similar campaign in New York earlier this year.

Texas Governor Rick Perry
Credit Ed Schipul / Flickr

The campaign and visit has prompted a response from Missouri Democratic Secretary of State Jason Kander.  Kander asks the Texas Governor to reconsider his decisions about the visit and the ads. 

In the letter, Kander writes, “Simply poaching jobs from one state and bringing them to another doesn’t grow our nation’s economy, so I hope you reconsider your efforts and instead look at ways to cultivate new industries and companies in Texas, rather than just trying to steal other states’ successes.”

In the radio, Perry touts Texas’ tax climate, pointing out there is no income tax the state. In the ad, he also mentions Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of HB 253, which Missouri Republicans could push through with a veto override in September.

Republican State Senator Ryan Silvey and Columbia talk show host Renee Hulshof were skeptical on twitter.  Hulshof's husband is former Republican Congressman Kenny Hulshof.


If you’re interested in more on these topics, we dove deep into the issue of tax incentives for businesses in Missouri and HB 253 on KBIA’s podcast COMO explained. We also dedicated another show to that veto proof majority Missouri Republicans would need to use to override the veto in September.