State and local party leaders discuss first of three presidential debates

Oct 4, 2012

Missouri Democratic and Republican strategists weighed in on the campaign trail for their parties after Wednesday night's first Presidential debate.

As President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney faced off in their first of three debates leading up to the November 6th election, Missouri Republican party leaders joined in a conference call Thursday to discuss President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s domestic policies.

Missouri Chair David Cole, former Senator Jim Talent and auditor Tom Schweich said today they were pleased with Romney’s performance during the debate. Former Senator Jim Talent says Missouri and its voters have been on Romney’s radar during the campaign.

“Governor Romney has never taken Missouri for granted and is not doing that now. He has been in the state all told I think a lot more often than the President. That is not a criticism of the President; I just think it shows the vigor of Governor Romney’s campaign,” said Talent. 

Boone County Democratic Chair Homer Page says the state of Missouri has not been as important to the President’s campaign so far, because it does not have swing-state status.

“I think what is happening in Missouri is a very strong ground-game on the behalf to the Obama Campaign. There probably won’t be a lot of money spent in the media, but Obama supporters, Democrats across the state are working hard at the ground level, door to door,” said Page.  

President Obama and Governor Romney will focus on both foreign and domestic policy at the second Presidential debate in New York on October 16.