State Parks Youth Corps returns this summer

May 2, 2013

More jobs in Missouri will be available to young adults this summer.  Governor Jay Nixon announced the return of the State Parks Youth Corps at the Rock Bridge State Park in Columbia early Wednesday afternoon.

The program has served the youth of Missouri over the past four years.  The workers of the program maintain trails, lead tours, and repair fences to help with the conservation of state parks and historic sites.  It was recognized in 2010 with the President’s Award from the National Association of State Parks Directors for innovative programs.  The governor hopes the workers will continue to improve the parks as they have in past years.

“The young Missourians who have been a part of the State Park Youth Corps, their efforts enhanced both the beauty of our parks and the experiences of over 18 million park visitors in 2012.  Once again, parks are not only a great place to be outside they are also a huge economic generator for the show me state.”
Alex Blackwell, member of the Workforce Investment Board, collaborates with young adults who utilize this program every year.

“It’s helped quite a few youth in our area to get experience, working experience, some career exploration.  As the governor said, get people outside.  You know there are kids with video games stuck in their hands and so they don’t get outside a lot.”

The return of this program can be seen in all 87 of the state parks and historic sites. Applications for the work program are now being accepted online.