State representatives push bills to help seniors

Apr 16, 2012

Tax Day can be a tough time for anyone, but it’s especially hard for seniors facing rising personal property taxes on a fixed income. That’s according to some local lawmakers who are asking the state to give seniors a break.

State Representatives Jill Shupp  and Scott Sifton are pushing two bills in Missouri’s legislature to help seniors:

One would provide seniors an average 200-dollar state tax credit; the other would freeze property tax rates for qualified homeowners when they turn 62.

The legislation would affect about 10,000 Missouri residents --like Inice Walker who has lived in her St. Louis County home for 40 years.

“I pay more now in taxes than when I was working. And now I’m on a fixed income just like most other seniors. It’s hard living month to month and we need some release.”

The tax credit bill, sponsored by Representative Sifton, is nearly identical to a 2005 tax credit for seniors that was cut from the budget two years ago.