Students push for UM Curators vote

Mar 5, 2012

Students at the University of Missouri are ramping up their efforts to change the status of the student representative on the system's Board of Curators. Bill Raack reports that legislation to give the student curator voting rights is working its way through the Missouri General Assembly.

Ever since 1984, a student has served on the nine-member Board of Curators, appointed for terms of two years. But it's a non-voting role and other board members would like to keep it that way. Corbin Evans with the Associated Students of the University of Missouri said it's an issue of fairness.

"We think it is important that we're allowed the one-in-nine vote, especially in a situation like this year when we're looking at across-the-board tuition increases. We feel like it's necessary for the students to have a say in that due to the fact that they're the ones that are paying the tuition."

A hearing on the House version of the bill was held last week. The issue will be the focus of a Senate committee hearing later today.