Taxi stands to stay in Columbia

Feb 8, 2012

Columbia’s City Council unanimously voted to make downtown taxi stands and no-pick-up zones permanent on Monday night.  

By Erin Dismeier (Columbia, Mo.)--

Some council members, like Sixth Ward Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe expressed concerns.  Hoppe says that the severity with which police would handle special circumstances was a prominent issue.

"One of the questions was if it’s raining and I want to just drive by a no-pick-up zone and pick up my wife, will the police give me a ticket?  And they sort of assured council that they would be reasonable and not over-vigilant," Hoppe said.

Only one change was made to the original program during the meeting.  Hours of enforcement were pushed back to 10 p.m. rather than 9 p.m.  Hoppe says she thinks a possible future amendment for consideration is the enforcement of taxi stands and no-pick-up zones only from Thursday to Saturday.

"I can see if there’s a community interest or need to revise the hours that way, I certainly would move that forward," Hoppe added.

Hoppe says that she personally hasn’t received any complaints about the taxi stand system since its pilot program started last year, but that city council is not opposed to making amendments if issues arise.