United Way of Randolph County misses 2012 fundraising goal

Feb 13, 2013

The United Way of Randolph County ended its 2012 campaign Thursday short of its $310,000 goal having raised about $282,000. Executive Director Gina Fowler said there were some unexpected obstacles to raising the money.

“We had one business that actually relocated to another city in Missouri, so we lost a pretty large employer,” Fowler said.  “We felt that that our campaign, considering that and some other things going on in our community like the economy, did very well.”

The campaign will help fund 22 various social service agencies and programs in Randolph County.   These programs are picked through an application process in the spring.

Moberly Salvation Army Employee Ruth Sumpter said the money her employer receives from United Way has a big impact on the amount of people it is able to help.

“We help approximately 90 people per month as individuals, and without them we would have to limit it to probably half that many,” Sumpter said.