University of Missouri Names a New Faculty Athletic Representative

Apr 12, 2017

Credit Creative Commons / Flickr

Interim Chancellor Hank Foley announced a new Faculty Athletic Representative that has been appointed at the University of Missouri today.

Effective May 14th Dr. Pamela Hinton will be the new Faculty Athletic Representative where she’ll report directly to the chancellor in her five-year term. Hinton has been the associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology and director of Graduate Studies for Nutritional Sciences at Mizzou. She also served as an executive member of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee and was the IAC Compliance Subcommittee Chair.

Hinton will serve as a liaison between the institution and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics to ensure academic integrity, sound governance, rules compliance and student-athlete welfare.  She will also be a representative for Mizzou in Southeastern Conference and NCAA affairs.

Dr. Hinton was a student athlete at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, competing in track and cross country while earning a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology, providing her with the firsthand knowledge of the demands placed on student athletes.