Using fireworks sales to give back to Boonville ... with a bang

Jul 4, 2014

Boonville's Fireworks For Life aims to raise money for the community through fireworks sales.
Credit Nick Komisar / KBIA

Fireworks for Life is an organization based out of Boonville that aims to give back to the community through the sale of fireworks.

Jim Edwards, founder of the organization, has been in the fireworks business for nearly his entire life. 7 years ago, his son needed a liver transplant that would cost $30,000. The local community came together and rose over $25,000 to help alleviate the burden and contributed to a successful operation. That's when Edwards came up with the idea to use his fireworks stand to help raise money for the community as a way to pay it forward.

"Basically this is pay it forward, because our family was very blessed," said Edwards.

Edwards donates half of the money raised to those with cancer, along with a portion of the proceeds going to local church youth groups.

Kids in the youth groups work at the fireworks stand and in return the money is donated to help fund their trip to a yearly religious conference.

Edwards' wife Francine Edwards said the organization has done a great deal for the community, especially those receiving help from the cancer fund.

"It does several things, most importantly the funds that go for the cancer survivor fund help individuals with incidental expenses," said Francine Edwards.

Jim Edwards said he hopes to expand throughout Mid-Missouri in order to give back to a larger population, and he is always looking for help from others to benefit the cause.

"What have you done for your fellow man today?" said Edwards.