Views of the News: Are Cardinals fans 'insufferable'?

Oct 22, 2013

Credit Bill Greenblatt / UPI

It's World Series time again, and few are prouder to see the Cardinals back in the fall classic than St. Louisans (and those of us here in mid-Missouri).  But, the national press hasn't been to friendly -- to the Red Birds or their fans.

Jonathan Mahler, Bloomberg: “The most insufferable fans in sports live in St. Louis

Drew Magary, Deadspin: "Why your Cardinals suck"

Josh Helmuth, Crave Online: "Why so much St. Louis Cardinals hate?"

Erik Malinowski, Buzzfeed: "23 Reasons why it's perfectly OK to despise the St. Louis Cardinals"

Where to watch the World Series?

An on-going dispute between the owner of KQFX-TV and DirecTV means some baseball fans in mid-Missouri won't be able to watch the World Series -- or any other programming on KMIZ-TV, MyZouTV or Me-TV.

KMIZ, “Networks of Mid-Missouri off DirecTV during negotiation impasse

Credit mattbuchanan/Flickr

DirecTV, "Keeping you connected to your local channels"

Tablet Tuesday: What's new?

Three years ago, only 5% of Americans owned a tablet computing device.  Today, that percentage has jumped to 35%.  The high demand has created stiff competition in the tablet market, especially as we get closer to the holiday shopping season.  In a move some on the tech beat dubbed "Tablet Tuesday," Apple, Microsoft and Nokia all introduced new tablet devices Tuesday. 

Colin Dialeda, Mashable: "iPad Air Recap: Watch today's Apple Headlines in 3 minutes"

Samantha Murphy Kelly, Mashable: "How the Retina iPad Mini stacks up against competitors"

Sven Grundberg and Rory Jones, Wall Street Journal: "Nokia unveils its first tablet"

Jon Fingas, Engadget: "Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets now available in 21 countries"

Warner Crocker, Gotta Be Mobile: "Why is Microsoft tackling Apple head on with Surface 2 release date?"

"The Fifth Estate" a box office flop

The drama, based on the real events, tells the story of Julian Assange and his founding of WikiLeaks.  American movie-goers decided it wasn't for them this weekend.  It rang up a lowly $1.7 million in ticket sales, making it the worst premiere weekend for any widely-released film in 2013.

Ian Evans, Christian Science Monitor: “’The Fifth Estate’: Does it get Assange and WikiLeaks right?"

Alex von Tunzelmann, The Guardian: “The Fifth Estate: soft on Assange, short on excitement

David Carr, New York Times: “Both hero and villain, and irresistible

Adam Vary, Buzzfeed: “’The Fifth Estate’ has the worst opening weekend of the year

Alex Morrell, Forbes: “Do yourself a favor: See WikiLeaks documentary ‘We Steal Secrets’ Instead of Hollywood’s ‘The Fifth Estate’

FOX News Video: "'We Steal Secrets' tells the story of Julian Assange"

Greenwald’s gone from the Guardian

Glenn Greenwald, who made worldwide headlines this summer with his reporting on NSA surveillance, has announced he's leaving the paper to help launch a new news organization financed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

Ben Smith, Buzzfeed: “Exclusive: Glenn Greenwald will leave Guardian to creat new news organization

Laura Smith-Spark, CNN: “Glenn Greenwald to join media venture backed by eBay founder Omidyar

Andrew Beaujon, Poynter: “Pierre Omidayar has ‘a journalist’s sensibility'

Credit Courtesy Elle Magazine

Jay Rosen, Press Think: "Why Pierre Omidyar decided to join forces with Glenn Greenwald for a new venture in news

Downplaying plus-sized stars?

This is one of covers on the November issue of Elle Magazine.  On it, we see actress Melissa McCarthy draped in a large trench coat.  Some critics say the magazine's editors are trying to hide McCarthy's size behind the garment, comparing it to similar covers featuring Reese Witherspoon in a form-fitting black dress.

Emma Bazilian, AdWeek: “Are magazines downplaying the figures of plus-size stars

Lesley Messer, ABC: “Melissa McCarthy calls controversial Elle cover ‘Kind of Amazing

Elle, “About that Melissa McCarthy cover…

June Thomas, Slate: “Elle put Melissa McCarthy on its cover, then covered her up

Costas takes a stand on the Redskins

Watch as NBC Sports' Bob Costas offers this commentary on why he thinks the Washington Redskins should change its name.

NBC Sports: "Redskins name discussion"

Glenn Beck, "Bob Costas: Redskins a 'slur' and 'insult' to Native Americans"

Scott Collins, Los Angeles Times: "Bob Costas versus Glenn Beck in Washington Redskins name flap"

Dan Steinberg, Washington Post, "Bob Costas explains his Redskins remarks"

Prachi Gupta, Salon: "10 worst reactions to Bob Costas declaring Redskins name an 'insult' and 'a slur'"