Views of the News: Bezos buys WaPost, Boston Globe & Newsweek sold, Time Warner's CBS blackout

Aug 6, 2013

Jeff Bezos buys Washington Post

Paul Fahri, Washington Post: "Washington Post to be sold to Jeff Bezos"

Jeff Bezos, Washington Post: "A letter from Jeff Bezos to Post Employees"

Butch Ward & Jill Geisler, Poynter: "How Bezos, in his first memo to Washington Post staff, achieved optimism"

Greg Satell, Forbes: "Okay, here's the real reason Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post"

James Fallows, The Atlantic: "Why the sale of the Washington Post seems so significant"

David Cay Johnston, The National Memo: "Washington Post ushers in a new age of publishing"

Jay Yarow and Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider: "The life and awesomeness of Jeff Bezos"

Boston Globe, Newsweek sold

Peter Lauria, Buzzfeed: "Newsweek's new owners say they bought "a lot of cachet"

Ted Olson, Christianity Today: "The Second Coming of Christ Controversy: Company with ties to David Jang buys 'Newsweek'"

Beth Healy, Boston Globe: "Red Sox owner John Henry in deal to purchase The Boston Globe"

Time Warner, CBS standoff

VIDEO: CBS' to customers: "Time Warner Customers -- You're about to lose CBS!"

Todd Spangler, Variety: "CBS Stations, Showtime go dark for Time Warner Cable customers"

Roger Yu, USA Today: "Time Warner Cable drops CBS in New York, L.A., Dallas"

Al Tompkins, Poynter: "Time Warner offers to 'unbundle' CBS channels"

Scott Martin, USA Today: "CBS blackout puts start-up Aereo in the spotlight"

Clinton Controversy

Ken Thomas, Associated Press: "Republicans want NBC, CNN, to cancel upcoming programs on Hillary Clinton"

Wake up with Al?

Matt Murray, Today: "'RIP Van Roker': Al oversleeps, misses a show for the first time in 39 years"