Views of the News: Donald Sterling banned from basketball for life

Apr 29, 2014

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been banned for life from the National Basketball Association and fined $2.5 million for making racists comments.

Gossip site TMZ broke the story, publishing a recording of an argument between Sterling an an ex-girlfriend, V. Stiviano.

TMZ Staff, TMZ: “L.A. Clippers owner to GF: Don’t bring black people to my games… including Magic Johnson

Howard Kurtz, Fox News: “TMZ slam-dunks Clippers owner: Gossip site exposed racist rant

Lynn Zinser, New York Time: "NBA bars Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life"

Jack Mirkinson, Huffington Post: “NBC, TMZ get Donald Sterling story wrong

Noah Rothman, Mediaite: “Bob Costas: Media can play part in convincing Sterling he must sell team

Sean Newell, Deadspin: “The Clippers protest Donald Sterling with inside-out warmups

Colleen Curry, ABC: “NAACP willing to ‘forgive’ Clippers’ Donald Sterling after yanking award

Patrick Coffee, PR Newser: “Sponsors have begun to abandon the Clippers

Kent Babb, Washington Post: “Alleged Donald Sterling recording is the latest in series of incidents involving Clippers owner

Huffington Post, Catherine Tiabi: “Donald Trump predictably makes the Donald Sterling saga worse

Credit Flickr user Willie Stark

Covering Cliven Bundy

A month ago, Cliven Bundy was a little-known Nevada cattle rancher fighting the government over grazing fees. He became a conservative folk hero of sorts, as supporters filled his farm protesting a seizure of 900 head of cattle.  A standoff ensued between an armed militia and the Bureau of Land Management.

Senators Rand Paul and Dean Heller backed Bundy until a story in the New York Times ran these comments:

Katherine Fung, Huffington Post: “CNN askes Cliven Bundy: ‘How does it feel to be abandoned by your friends at Fox?’

Josh Barro, New York Times: “Cliven Bundy accidently explained what’s wrong with the Republican party

Josh Feldman, Mediaite: “Bill Maher: Maybe the GOP should just stop courting racists like Bundy

Kathleen Parker, Washington Post: “The GOP’s bad fling with Cliven Bundy

Jonathan Topaz, Politico: “Cliven Bundy: Sean Hannity, Fox is ‘just right on’

Ralph Ellis & Greg Botelho, CNN: “CNN Exclusive: Rancher says he’s not racist, still defiant over grazing battle

Liz Fields, ABC News: “Who is Cliven Bundy and why is he so controversial?

Jordan Chariton, TVNewser: “Howard Kurtz: Fox News ‘fell seriously short” in its Cliven Bundy coverage

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “Yay for Fox News’s Howard Kurtz

Setting up storylines on 'Chicagoland'

The Chicago Tribune obtained more than 700 emails exchanged between producers of the CNN docu-series "Chicagoland" that indicates there was collaboration with the office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the filmmakers.

Bill Ruthhart, Chicago Tribune, “Emails show Emanuel aides, producers coordinated ‘Chicagoland’ scenes” | Video

Chicago Tribune: “PDF: Read email samples

John Kass, Chicago Tribune: “CNN and Mayor Rahmfather – made for each other

Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times: “Despite e-mails, “Chicagoland” producers deny series was staged

Michael Calderone, Huffington Post: “CNN disputes idea that Rahm Emanuel had editorial control over documentary series

Stinging the stingers

British journalists setting out to bust open a baby-selling ring in Bulgaria discover the ring was being run by journalists running a sting on people trying to buy babies.

Roy Greenslade, The Guardian: “A Sunday Times sting ends with the stingers being stung

Indy Star: #ShowUsYourGuns

The Indianapolis Star hoped to use this weekend's National Rifle Association's convention to draw in a new audience.  So, trying to drive engagement, it asked readers to submit photos, and #ShowUsYourGuns.  Some people sent it photos of firearms, others flexed their muscles.  Others called out the publication for what they viewed as making light of gun violence in their city.

Cori Faklaris, Indy Star: “Show us your guns for the NRA convention

Jeff Swiatek, Indy Star: “Guns, celebs and politics: NRA convention bringing offbeat buzz to Indy

Ann Marie Cox, The Guardian: "The NRA way: Celebrate buying guns in a city where 4 people were shot last night"

Jim Romenesko, “NRA convention is in Indianapolis and the Star is asking readers to #ShowUsYourGuns

1994: Internet comes to NPR

This 20-year old memo sent to NPR staffers is making the rounds online this week.  In it, Dennis Fuze introduces the internet -- explaining how a new worldwide computer network allows for communication and file sharing.

NPR: “A memo from 20 years ago today