Views of the News: Lockdown at Kirkwood High School

Jan 21, 2014

School safety is an important issue. How we cover it is important, too.  Last week, a suburban St. Louis high school was put on lockdown after a reporter from KSDK-TV entered the building unannounced.  He entered through an unlocked door, asked for directions to the school office and asked to speak with a security officer.  When one wasn't available, he left his name and phone number and walked out.  An hour later, the school was put on lockdown -- and the community went into a panic.

KSDK, "NewsChannel 5 statement on school safety"

KMOV: “Local news staffer prompts lockdown of Kirkwood high school

Jessica Bock, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “KSDK reporter working on school safety story prompted lockdown

Jane Manwarring & Antonia Akrap, The Kirkwood Call: "KHS goes on lockdown"

Kristen Hare, Poynter: “St. Louis TV station causes school lockdown, pisses off everyone

Exposing 'Dr. V'

When do issues of gender and suicide factor into reporting? That's being debated after an investigation published by the sports site Grantland publis a story about Essay Anne Vanderbilt and her magic putter.

Caleb Hannan, Grantland: “Dr. V’s magical putter

Josh Levin, Slate: “Essay Anne Vanderbilt, Dr. V’s Magical Putter: Grantland’s exposé of a trans con artist privileged fact-finding over compassion

Saeed Jones, Buzzfeed: “Transgender people are paying the price for the media’s willful ignorance

Bill Simmons, Grantland: "The Dr. V Story: A letter from the editor"

Christina Karhl, Grantland: "What Grantland got wrong"

GLAAD Media Reference Guide: "Transgender glossary of terms"

Credit Wikimedia Commons / wikimedia commons

Surveillance policy changes

President Barack Obama announced Friday he will place some new limits on intelligence agencies' bulk collection of phone call records.

New York Times: “Obama’s changes to government surveillance

Barton Gellman, Washington Post: “Obama’s restrictions on NSA surveillance rely on narrow definition of ‘spying’

Leigh Ann Caldwell, CNN: “Surveillance program is now Obama’s to own

Fox News: “Clapper declassifies more NSA documents after Obama speech

David Jackson, USA Today: “Obama’s NSA speech: 53 years after Ike’s warning

National Journal: “Full text of Obama’s speech on NSA surveillance

OfficeMax offends greiving father

Mike Seay, a suburban Chicago man, received a letter from OfficeMax last week addressed to him with the words "Daughter killed in car crash" beneath his name. Yes, he says, his daughter was killed in an automobile wreck last year -- but how did an office supply chain get that information and why was it on a sales circular?

Nesita Kwan, WMAQ: "OfficeMax sends letter to 'daughter killed in car crash'"

Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times: “Dad gets OfficeMax mail addressed ‘Daughter killed in Car Crash’

NYT's most popular: Dialect Quiz

What made this interactive feature the most popular item on the New York Times' website in 2013?

New York Times: “How y’all, youse and you guys talk

Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic: “The New York Times’ most popular story of 2013 was not an article

Joy Mayer: “Why journalists shouldn’t be threatened by the most-viewed NYT story of 2013

Rebecca Hiscott, Mashable: “How the feed changed the way we consume content

Credit WallyG / FLICKR

Media Matters: Legal updates

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear the Aereo case over retransmission fees. A district court said bloggers have the same First Amendment rights as traditional journalists, and a ruling on net neutrality could mean some services you pay for may soon cost more.

Joe Cahill, Crains Chicago Business: “Tribune would suffer if Supreme Court sides with Aereo on TV retransmissions

Joan E. Solsman, CNET: “En route to Supreme Court, Aereo to arrive in Cincinnati

Gret Stohr, Bloomberg, “Broadcasters get U.S. Supreme Court review in bid to stop Aereo

Adam Liptak & Bill Carter, New York Times: “Justices take case on free TV streaming

Marvin Ammori, Wired: “Internet Freedom Day: This is the year we go to war for net neutrality

Jeff John Roberts, Gigaom: “Court strikes down FCC’s net neutrality rules, agency may appeal

Brendan Greeley, Businessweek: “Solving the net neutrality problem is actually simple

Mike Snider, USA Today: “Consumers have stake in net neutrality defeat

Dan Levine, Reuters: “Blogger gets same speech protections as traditional press-U.S court

Jeff Barnard, AP: “Court: Bloggers have First Amendment protections

Sherman's post-game rant

Seattle Seahawks' Cornerback Richard Sherman had some choice words for his opponents after Sunday's NFC Championship game. Sherman made these comments during a post-game interview with Fox's Erin Andrews.

Richard Sherman, Sports Illustrated: “’To those who would call me a thug or worse…’

Chris Greenberg, Huffington Post: “Richard Sherman’s rant may have ‘scared Erin Andrews,’ definitely bothered some on Twitter

Laken Litman, KING-TV: "Erin Andrews 'happy Sherman lost his mind' in post-game interview"

Nancy Armour, USA Today: “Could postgame rant by Seahawks’ Richard Sherman become a Super distraction?

Tommy Tomlinson, Forbes: “22 brief thoughts on that Richard Sherman interview