Views of the News: Moore, Okla. Tornado, Criminalizing Journalism, ESPN Layoffs, Rob Ford Video

May 22, 2013

Moore, Okla. Tornado

KFOR: VIDEO: Tornado Wipes Out Homes, Schools, Businesses in Moore

KFOR: Pilot Jon Welsh on Moore Tornado From the Sky

New York Times: Helicopters Bring Viewers Vivid Images of Tornado

Huffington Post: Anchors Evacuate During Live Broadcast in Kansas After Tornado Rips Through Wichita (Video)

Huffington Post: Oklahoma Tornadoes, Extreme Weather Inspire Social Media 'Storm Chasers' To Take Risks

Criminalizing Journalism?

Washington Post: A Rare Peek Into a Justice Department Leak Probe

Washington Post: Eugene Robinson: Obama Administration Mistakes Journalism for Espionage

Huffington Post: DOJ Targeting of Fox News Reporter James Rosen Risks Criminalizing Journalism

James Rosen, Fox News (2009): NK's Post UN Sanctions Plans, Revealed

USA Today: Poll: Obama Agenda To Get Stuck In Mud Over Benghazi, IRS

Press Think: Jon Karl Got Played By a Confidential Source And Now ABC Has A Benghazi Problem

Boston Globe: Obama Administration's Inquiry into AP Was Justified

ESPN Layoffs

Deadspin: ESPN Laying Off Hundreds

Hollywood Reporter: Layoffs hit ESPN Amid Record Revenue

Rob Ford Caught On Tape

Slate: Gawker and Toronto Star Say They've Seen Video of Toronto Mayor Smoking Crack

Toronto Star: Rob Ford In 'Crack Cocaine' Video Scandal

Gawker: For Sale: A Video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smoking Crack Cocaine

Gawker: We Are Raising $200,000 to Buy and Publish The Rob Ford Crack Tape

indiegogo: Rob Ford Crackstarter

The Globe and Mail: The Case Against Paying Sources For Information