Views Preview: 'Patriot' or 'Traitor'? NBC's interview with Edward Snowden

May 27, 2014

Credit Courtesy Prixas Films via Wikimedia Commons

NBC News has landed the first sit-down interview with NSA leaker Edward Snowden by an American television network.  The hour-long special will air at 9 p.m. CDT on Wednesday, May 28. 

Richard Esposito, Matthew Cole & Mark Schone, NBC News: “EXCLUSIVE: Edward Snowden gives wide-ranging interview to Brian Williams

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “NBC News’s Brian Williams interviews Snowden, Greenwald

Kyle Drennen, NewsBusters: “NBC promotes Snowden interview: “Is he a ‘traitor’ or a ‘patriot’?

Bill Carter, New York Times: Edward snowden talks to Brian Williams of NBC

How the Veterans Affairs Scandal unfolded

What prompts a whistleblower to come forward to tell their story and attempt to right a wrong?  How much time do you let pass and try to work out a problem through channels?  CNN's Brian Stelter asked Dr. Sam Foote that very questions on CNN's Reliable Sources this weekend.

Hadas Gold, POLITICO: “How the Veterans Affairs scandal unfolded

Covering the Isla Vista, Calif. shooting

Elliot Rodger killed six people and injured another 13 during a violent rampage Friday night.  Evidence he left behind, including a 130-plus page manifesto and YouTube video, is leading investigators to believe the lot may have been years in the making.

Ralph Ellis and Sara Sidner, CNN: “Deadly California rampage: Chilling video, but no match for reality

CNN: "Transcript of video lined to Santa Barbara mass shooting

Jessica Valenti, The Guardian: “Elliot Rodger’s California shooting spree: further proof that misogyny kills

Katie McDonough, Salon: “Elliot Rodger’s fatal menace: how toxic male entitlement devalues women’s and men’s lives

The Onion: "'No way to prevent this,' says only nation where this regularly happens" (satire)

Kelsey Brugger, Santa Barbara Independent: "Isla Vistans protest news crew presence"

CalBuzz: “Tale of two papers: Mass murder and student media

Bob Pool, Los Angeles Times: “Isla Vista shootings: University newspaper editor was near crime scene

Hannah Davey, The Bottom Line: “Op-Ed: Why we have not yet published anything on the Isla Vista shooting

UPDATE: Magazine ban lifted

The Missouri Department of Corrections has lifted its ban on the May issue of St. Louis Magazine.  Initially, it has restricted inmates from reading the issue because of a belief a feature called "How We Kill" would provoke a "violent" or "hateful" reaction among inmates.

William Powell, St Louis Magazine: “Missouri prisons overturn ban of St. Louis magazine’s May issue

William Powell, St. Louis Magazine: “Missouri prisons ban St. Louis Magazine’s May issue over death penalty article

William Powell, St. Louis Magazine: “How we kill: The state of the death penalty

Pete Ricketts.
Credit via Wikimedia user Ammodramus

Watchdog site sits out Ricketts campaign

You'd expect a site called Nebraska Watchdog to be keeping an eye on things, right? Covering political campaigns and looking out for the voter... But what happens when the pol you're supposed to covering donated the money to fund your site?

Apparently, you sit out the campaign in order to avoid a conflict of interest.

Jim Romenesko: “Nebraska Watchdog: Pete Ricketts gave us money so we won’t be covering his run for governor

Joe Jordan, Nebraska Watchdog: “Governor’s race: A letter from the editor

Journalist safety in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine continues to decline day by day.  According to one report, at least one journalist covering the unrest is arrested, detained or goes missing each day.

Anne Mortensen, The Independent: “A journalist goes missing nearly every day in Ukraine

Human Rights Watch: “Ukraine: Free ‘disappeared’ journalist

Committee to Protect Journalists: “Journalists missing, attacked covering crisis in Ukraine

‘Don’t do anything stupid’

The staff at BBC News was told "don't do anything stupid" after an editor used a trending hashtag to Tweet her feelings about the Ukip party in the upcoming election.  Jasmine Lawrence has since been removed from BBC News' election coverage and her Twitter account disabled.

Tara Conlan, The Guardian: “BBC News staff told ‘don’t do anything stupid’ on social media

Tara Conlan, The Guardian: “BBC editor taken off election coverage after branding Ukip racist and sexist

Chris Hamilton, BBC: “Updated social media guidance for BBC journalists” (2011)

John Stevens, Daily Mail: “Top BBC editor brands UKIP racist and sexist on Twitter

Leo Barraclough, Variety: “Rise of UKIP challenges for British film and TV folk

CNN moving to NYC?

Two more of CNN's weekday news anchors will be moving from the network's Atlanta headquarters to New York.

Once Carol Costello and Brooke Baldwin make the move in August, all of CNN's weekday programming will be presented from New York while several of those shows are still produced in Atlanta.

Dylan Byers, POLITICO: “CNN moves to centralize in New York

Staff, Atlanta Business Chronicle: “CNN anchors leaving Atlanta for New York

Merrill Knox, TVNewser: “CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, Carol Costello move to NYC

Rodney Ho, Atlanta Journal Constitution: “Atlanta loses CNN’s final weekday anchors Carol Costello and Brooke Baldwin to NYC