Water blues and prison maintenance blues

Oct 3, 2012

Water use has become a hot issue among Midwest farmers after this summer's drought. Nebraska irrigates more acres of farmland than any other state in the nation. Kansas is also near the top. And that Irrigation infrastructure helped some farmers keep the drought at bay this year. Their fields stayed green long after others withered away. But as Grant Gerlock reports for Harvest Public Media, using so much water now may force some farmers to use less water in the future.

And a little farther down the line in Jefferson City, Mo., the sounds of music welled up outside the walls of a typically quiet Missouri State Penitentiary. Visitors recently gathered at the site, which closed in 2004, to celebrate the “Inside the Walls” festival. But KBIA’s Lukas Udstuen tells us, while money spent at the festival might be a positive for the state, the funds won’t necessarily go to repair the dilapidated facility.