This is what a photosphere of the MU quad looks like

Mar 25, 2013

"Photospheres" are like panoramic photos that show all of the space around you--even above, below and behind you.  Android's latest operating system (4.2 Jellybean) has a cool camera setting that stitches these photos together automatically on your cell phone.  Local Reddit user MU_Photospheres set up a page on Reddit and a Google Plus page to collect all of his images.  We think it's a weird and unique way to see Columbia!

Francis Quadrangle as a "photosphere"
Credit MU_Photospheres / Reddit


A facebook friend turned us on to the work of Katrina Kouba Boles, a local graphic artist who creates photospheres in Photoshop (not using a cell phone).  Her photosphere of the quad looks a little different  because it was taken on the south side closer to Jesse Hall.  The distortion effect is, in some ways, more exaggerated than the Android phone ones and give the shot a cool cartoony feel.  Check out her site for more amazing photospheres of Hawaii, Yellowstone and other nature spots.

A photosphere made in Photoshop without a cell phone app
Credit Katrina Kouba Boles /