Yeah, the films are cool. But check out the art of True/False (Slideshow)

Feb 28, 2014

The True/False Film Fest adorns downtown Columbia with art by local and out-of-state artists every year for five days in February and March. This year, the lineup includes new and returning pieces that cover the festival’s venues and Columbia’s streets alike. The Missouri Theatre features a kinetic sculpture called “Juniper and Fyn.” The piece is the result of a collaboration between Iowa artist Taylor Ross and Columbia’s Dan Goldstein. Almost exclusively made from wood, the sculpture is of a fox that “runs” as someone cranks the gears, all of which are carved from wood. Goldstein said the project took over three months to create and was built partially by him and his son in Columbia and partially by Ross in Iowa. Many of the other installations featured in the festival have been created by multiple artists as well. Goldstein said collaborations mean the works result from multiple visions of the pieces. For example, he said “Juniper and Fyn” was originally meant to have additional creatures all around the sculpture, but as the production of the piece played out they were removed from the vision. In addition to the larger art installations, True/False recruits local artists and their art staff to create pieces and decorations for some of the different venues, like the Box Office, which was decorated to reflect the festival’s 2014 theme – magic. Many pieces across the venues are interactive, which is in line with the general theme of audience participation throughout festival. The art will be accessible for the duration of the festival, and some, like “Juniper and Fyn,” will remain in True/False’s possession and will likely make future appearances.