KBIA in HD Radio Schedule

Wednesday, July 23
12:00 AM
4:00 AM
Steve Inskeep and Renee Montaigne
Morning Edition provides news in context, airs thoughtful ideas and commentary, and reviews important new music, books, and events in the arts. All with voices and sounds that invite listeners to experience the stories.KBIA's Talking Politics at 8:21am
9:00 AM
12pm - 1pm is the Chopin Cafe
3:00 PM
Every weekday, hosts Melissa Block, Michele Norris, and Robert Siegel present two hours of insightful news mixed with commentary and interviews, as well as special - sometimes quirky - features. KBIA's Health & Wealth Update at 3:30pm.
6:00 PM
Kai Ryssdal
A daily program about business and finance, it's a fresh way of reporting business & finance subjects to the general listener. Putting a human face on the global economy, the program illuminates the ways that international business and finance relate to listeners' daily lives.
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
Fred Child
Performance Today features live concerts by famous artists in concert halls around the globe and from the American Public Media studios as well as interviews, news and features.
9:00 PM
Hans Haffmans
Phenomenal performances recorded at Amsterdam's famed concert hall.
11:00 PM