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A $7.5 million bond issue passed in Tuesday’s election will be used to renovate and upgrade facilities in the Southern Boone County School District.

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Southern Boone County School District will be renovating their schools if a bond issue is passed on Tuesday. If the bond is approved, the school will be given $7.5 million to upgrade their facilities. The district’s debt tax levy is estimated to increase by 15 cents per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation of real and personal property.

Columbia Water and Light Requests Bond Issue

Dec 4, 2014
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The Columbia Water and Light Department wants voters to approve a $69 million bond issue to pay for electric utility projects.

On Wednesday the city’s Water and Light Advisory Board recommended the bond issue to the Columbia City Council.

Columbia School District bond passes

Apr 9, 2014
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Columbia residents voted to approve the school board's $50 million bond issue on Tuesday, April 8.

The bond passed with 63.5 percent approval, coming in with just over 7,000 votes.

Superintendent Chris Belcher celebrated the bond's passing alongside winning school board members Helen Wade and Jonathan Sessions at Bleu Restaurant.

Belcher said he was very pleased with the community's support for the board's ten-year facilities plan.

Boone County residents approve $14 million bond

Apr 9, 2014

The Boone County Fire Protection District will be able to renovate stations and purchase much-needed equipment after Boone County residents passed a $14 million bond issue on Tuesday by an unofficial 72% vote.

The $14 million bond will be paid off over a maximum of 20 years.  It includes a 25-cent increase per 100 dollars of assessed valuation on personal property taxes and real estate property taxes over the first ten years. On the last ten years of the bond, the tax hike decreases to 10-cents per 100 dollars of assessed valuation.

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Boone County’s Fire Protection District is requesting a $14 million bond issue on this April’s ballot in hopes of acquiring funds to purchase new fire trucks and renovate several fire stations.  

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Boone County voters will decide on Proposition 2 on Tuesday.  The passing of the bond would grant the Harrisburg school district $2 million.  

Boone County Fire Protection District officials will ask voters to approve a bond issue during the general municipal election this April.

Battalion Chief Gale Blomenkamp says half of the proposed $14 million bond would be spent on apparatus and equipment. The other half would go toward improving the fire district’s facilities. Voters passed a 12-year bond issue for the Fire District in 1998. After paying off that bond in 2009, the board of directors considered extending the bond issue, but decided not to do so due to the poor state of the economy.

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Leaders of the Columbia public school district plan to seek another $50 million bond issue in April, followed by new $40 million bond proposals every two years until 2020.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports the $50 million bond issue on the April ballot will require a 4-cent tax increase. The subsequent $40 million bonds in 2016, 2018 and 2020 would require no tax increase.

A Columbia school official is proposing the district start a "community school" to help poorer students improve their academics.


A 40-cent tax levy increase and $50 million bond issue have been unanimously approved by Columbia school board members, to go on the April ballot. The move came at last night's school board meeting.