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Today Paul Pepper and JACK SCHULTZ, Director at Bond Life Sciences Center, talk about one of the great mysteries of life: what causes allergies? As usual, Jack shares the scientific angle in easy-to-understand language - watch! May 29, 2015

Today Paul Pepper visits with JACK SCHULTZ, Bond Life Sciences Center, about "talking about science." According to Jack, scientists complain that the average person is uninformed about basic science facts, but why? Find out on today's show! April 23, 2015

Today Paul Pepper chats with JACK SCHULTZ, Bond Life Sciences Center, about epigenetics, or "the higher level of organization" to our genes. Did you know that the amount of DNA in every one of our cells is almost 7ft in length? (...I know, right?!) We pack a lot in 8 minutes - watch! March 4, 2015

  Every second Monday, Broadway Brewery in downtown Columbia is packed by 6:00 p.m. Half of the restaurant is filled with people having dinner or a beer at the bar. But on the other side, tables and chairs are packed into a crowded space for this month’s Science Cafe.

Science Cafe is a community program started by the Bond Life Sciences Center at MU. Each month, the Cafe brings a different researcher or professor to give a lecture about their field of study.

But this lesson isn’t like the ones you’ll find at school.

MU researchers present work at Life Sciences Week

Apr 17, 2014
life sciences week
Stephanie Kawula / KBIA

Nearly 300 scientists and researchers at the University of Missouri presented their work at the 30th annual Life Sciences Week.