7:12 am
Thu January 19, 2012

FDA challenging the use of antibiotics in animals

Cows on Sally Angell's farm in Missouri eat feed without antibiotics.
Jessica Naudziunas Harvest Public Media

The Food and Drug Administration is publishing an order this month that limits the way farmers can use certain antibiotics to treat animals, and eggs.

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Business Beat
12:18 pm
Wed January 18, 2012

Business Beat: FDA challenging the use of antibiotics in animals

Sgt. Jay Larrew, with the Nebraska National Guard, works with an Afghan beekeeper to evaluate hive vigor.
Vaughn Hammond UNL Extension
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This week:  Harvest Public Media speaks with a University of Nebraska Educator who just returned from Afghanistan where he helped teach Afghanis farming techniques, and the FDA is looking to change the way Cephalosporins are used for animals.  

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