5:28 pm
Thu April 24, 2014

Chinese market could help rid rivers of invasive Asian carp

Recently processed Asian carp hang in racks at the Two Rivers Fisheries processing plant in Wickliffe, Ky. The fishing industry hopes demand from China can both create a market for, and help rid U.S. rivers of, the invasive species.
Credit Jacob McCleland / Harvest Public Media


Water experts worried about Asian carp may have new hope. They’re turning their eyes to China, where a carp-hungry populace may be the key for stemming the tide of the invasive fish.

Asian carp are taking over U.S. waterways, including the Mississippi River and tributaries like the Illinois and Missouri Rivers, where they out-compete native fish.

In China, carp is cheap and a common meal-time fixture. Now, a carp fishing industry is springing up along carp-infested U.S. waters and processors are exporting the U.S. problem fish to Chinese diners.

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4:41 pm
Mon April 14, 2014

MU assistant professor finds rare fossils in China

MU assistant professor of geological sciences James Schiffbauer and his team have found rare 500 year old fossilized embryos in China.  Now, they are studying how those fossils stayed preserved.

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6:00 am
Fri December 27, 2013

Field Notes: Popcorn and Ag Sec. Vilsack's trip to China

A Del’s Popcorn shop employee in Decatur, Ill., starts the vintage popcorn popper. Del’s relies heavily on holiday sales, but is struggling with the high price of popcorn.
Credit Peter Gray/Harvest Public Media

This is the latest installment of Harvest Public Media’s Field Notes, in which we talk about important issues related to food production.

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2:20 pm
Tue December 17, 2013

Vilsack to China: Get up to speed on GMOs

U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says he will talk to Chinese regulators about their slow pace in evaluating biotech traits.
Credit Grant Gerlock/Harvest Public Media

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will travel to China this week to ask Chinese regulators to get on the same page as the U.S. when it comes to evaluating genetically modified crops.

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Global Journalist
6:39 pm
Thu December 5, 2013

Why is China investing in Latin America?

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and Chinese businessman Wang Jing hold up a concession agreement for the construction of a multibillion-dollar canal in Nicaragua.
Credit Esteban Felix / Associated Press

China has dramatically increased its economic influence in Latin America. The United States is still the region’s largest investor, but China is now in second place and gaining a larger market share. In 2009, for example, China loaned a Brazilian oil company $10 billion and built a cellphone factory in Venezuela. The next year, China signed a $10 billion deal for the construction of railroads in Argentina. And in March, Ecuador agreed to auction off one-third of the country's Amazonian rainforest to Chinese oil companies.
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10:14 am
Mon August 5, 2013

WTO ruling could boost US chicken exports

Last year, the US poultry industry exported a record 8.1 billion pounds of chicken, including chicken feet, which are considered a delicacy in China.
Credit Credit: DanBruell/Flickr

The nation’s poultry industry exported a record 8.1 billion pounds of chicken last year, according to the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council. But a recent decision from the World Trade Organization in the latest skirmish between the US and China could drive up that number dramatically. It’s the latest volley in the export battle between the world’s top two economic superpowers.

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4:16 pm
Tue June 18, 2013

Missouri moves to lift ban on foreign farm owners

Credit Amy Mayer / Harvest Public Media

A last-minute move by Missouri lawmakers could make it easier for a Chinese conglomerate to buy one of the biggest pork producers in the U.S.

Legislators agreed on their final day of work in May to remove a ban on foreign ownership of agricultural land in Missouri. That change sets a foreign ownership limit at 1 percent of the state's agricultural land, subject to approval by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

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Global Journalist
8:08 pm
Thu February 21, 2013

Will it become easier to report on China?

A building associated with the Chinese military is allegedly the site of origin for hacking attacks against US news outlets.
AP Images

China’s new leadership will soon set the agenda for the world’s most populous country for the next decade. Changes in the Communist government’s top tier could affect censorship practices — and make it either easier or harder for journalists to report on Chinese issues.  

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Global Journalist
5:35 pm
Thu September 20, 2012

Chinese media expand into Africa

Pedestrians walk past a billboard that promotes an upcoming China-Africa summit in Beijing.
Greg Baker AP Photo

Kenyans that want to hear the latest international news can listen to the BBC, the Voice of America, or Al-Jazeera. Africans can also tune in China Radio International, which is gaining ground in the crowded market.

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Global Journalist
6:10 pm
Thu September 6, 2012

Tensions flare up between China and Japan over disputed islands

This June 2011 file photo shows Uotsuri Island, one of the islands of Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyu in Chinese, in the East China Sea.
AP Photo/Kyodo News

There’s a new twist to an epic territorial dispute between Japan and China.

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4:50 pm
Wed August 22, 2012

Bond to lead St. Louis business delegation to China

(Rachel Lippmann/St. Louis Public Radio)

Originally published on Wed August 22, 2012 7:24 pm

Former Republican Missouri Senator Kit Bond will lead a delegation of St. Louis-area business leaders to China later this year.

Bond's consulting firm that works on international trade will accompany regional and statewide businesses and academic institutions to China in December.

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Global Journalist
6:06 pm
Thu August 9, 2012

Bloggers evade censorship in China

Chinese Netizens are seen at an Internet cafe in Beijing, China.
Bao fan AP Images

Blogs and microblogs are the primary sources of independent news in China. 

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6:02 pm
Mon August 6, 2012

Missouri's China connection

Watch the show and join the conversation on the Intersection website.

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Global Journalist
5:04 pm
Thu May 31, 2012

Documentary film directors evade censorship in Egypt and China

How do documentary film directors avoid censorship in countries like Egypt and China?

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Global Journalist
4:36 pm
Thu March 29, 2012

China's urban migration

A recycling center in the Chinese city of Ganjia.
Photo courtesy of UC Press

The magnitude of China’s urban migration can be hard to fathom when you hear the numbers.

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Global Journalist
4:09 pm
Thu March 22, 2012

Microbloggers in China lose anonymity

When two high-speed trains collided on a bridge in southwestern China, the first report from the scene came from a victim, one minute later.  Her Twitter-style post ended with a dramatic cry for help.

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The China Connection
5:11 pm
Mon March 12, 2012

MU-China partnership affects local schools

Students at Colulmbia Independent School learn in a class that's part of the Confucius Institute program
Rachel Rice KBIA

The Confucius Institute at the University of Missouri was established in April of 2011 in order to foster economic and educational connections between Missouri and China. Since its establishment, the Institute has partnered with local schools to bring the Chinese language and culture to children grades K-12.

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PM Newscasts
5:59 pm
Mon February 27, 2012

Newscast for February 27, 2012

Regional news coverage from the KBIA News room, including:

3:36 pm
Mon February 27, 2012

China Hub at Lambert appears doomed

Lambert Airport Main Terminal
Flickr MoDOT

One of the key players in the effort to bring a China Hub to Lambert Airport now says that St. Louis has probably missed the opportunity.

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Global Journalist
5:52 pm
Thu November 10, 2011

Taking a Look at Femicide

Global Journalist explored femicide in India and China.

More than 160 million women were never born as a result of sex-selective abortion. That's more than the entire female population of the United States.

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