Columbia City Coucil


The Columbia City Council unanimously approved a proposal Monday night to upgrade the water distribution infrastructure along Bryant and Switzler streets.  

Stewart Road to Get Speed Humps After Council Approval

May 2, 2017

Late at night on March 2, Keith Politte awoke to the sound of a car violently crashing into his front yard. The driver had been going so fast that he split a three-quarter ton boulder sitting in front of Politte's house. 

Unfortunately, this sort of occurrence is not rare for Politte, hence the boulder in his front yard. He says drivers have crashed into his front yard nearly a dozen times in the 15 years he has lived in his house at the west end of Stewart Road.

Rally Celebrates Columbia’s First Sanctuary Congregation

Apr 19, 2017
Julien Coquelle-Roehm / KBIA

More than a hundred people gathered to celebrate the new sanctuary status of Columbia’s Unitarian Universalist Church (UUCC) this Tuesday. The church members voted last week to become what it calls a sanctuary congregation. Under this status, the church says it will take civil initiative to protect immigrants and refugees facing deportation. 

“Becoming a sanctuary congregation means first that we are taking a public stand in solidarity with our immigrants and refugee members of the community,” Reverend Molly Housh Gordon said. “We're going to be engaging in public activism for more just policy and a more dignified approach to immigration.”


Columbia City Council are seeking a third round of funding from the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission (MHTC) for the GetAbout project.

The GetAbout project is a collaborative effort between city council’s Public Works and Parks and Recreations departments since 2006. The project has improved Columbia’s non-motorized transportation by adding or improving bike lanes, trails and sidewalks across the city. The project helped extend the Hinkson Creek Trail and providing bike lanes on Providence Road back in 2013.