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Missouri Advocacy Groups Renew Fight for Marijuana Reform

Sep 23, 2015
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After failing to get enough support for marijuana reform in 2012 and 2014, advocacy groups are once again pushing for changes to marijuana laws in Columbia.

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Activists are planning two initiative petitions, one for Columbia and one for the state, which would ease restrictions on marijuana and legalize the drug for medical use.

Petition to recall councilwoman enters next phase

Dec 10, 2014
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A petition that could potentially remove Ginny Chadwick, Columbia's First Ward councilwoman, is now being reviewed by the city clerk.

Marijuana legalization advocates speak at MU

Nov 19, 2014
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Two advocates of marijuana legalization spoke at MU to encourage community members to support the reform. Ira Glasser and Neill Franklin spoke last Thursday and both pushed for expansion of legalizing marijuana, but for different reasons.

Glasser, the president of Drug Policy Alliance, said that legalizing marijuana on a national scale would eliminate many drug-related arrests.

“Over the last 10-15 years, more people have been arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana in New York City than in any other place in the world,” he said.


After more than 80 minutes of public testimony, the Columbia City Council voted Monday night against a proposed ordinance that would have decriminalized the cultivation of medical and non-medical marijuana.

For a while, it appeared the ordinance would pass. 

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A Columbia lawyer says Boone County sheriff's deputies patrolling within city limits isn't following local ordinance that treats marijuana possession as a municipal violation.

In 2004, Columbia residents voted to amend a city ordinance and treat possession of up to 35 grams of marijuana as a misdemeanor. Violators are usually released with a summons to appear in court rather than placed under arrest.

But the Columbia-based Missouri Civil Liberties Association says the sheriff and the county prosecutor are disregarding the intent of city voters.