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9:07 am
Thu May 15, 2014

Charity dental care gives uninsured Missourians something to smile about

Smiles of Hope dental clinic was built in the attic of the Lighthouse Christian Center in Dexter, Mo.
Katie Hiler KBIA

  Note: A portion of this story was aired as part of the Health & Wealth Update for 5/14/2014

When I think about adult dental care in Missouri, I think of Ben Affleck. In the movie Argo, CIA agent Tony Mendez, played by Affleck, pitches his plan to extract six American hostages from Iran by pretending to be on a Hollywood scouting trip. The CIA director doesn’t think it’ll work and wants to look for a better option. That’s when Mendez says:

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Health & Wealth Update
9:13 am
Wed May 14, 2014

Missouri dental clinic serves state's most desperate

Credit Katie Hiler / KBIA

Back in 2005, Missouri de-funded dental care for all Medicaid recipients except, children, pregnant women and the disabled. And it’s left a lot of people with only bad options.

Many of them find themselves in the ER with tooth infections, where cost for treatment per patient can run on average around $9,000. Some try to find affordable care at Federally Qualified Health Centers where services are discounted for low-income patients, but aren't free.

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Under the Microscope
2:01 pm
Fri May 24, 2013

Missouri's smoking bans spread to smaller towns

Credit Fried Dough / Flickr

On this week's show, we'll take a closer look at smoking bans in Missouri.
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