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Missouri's electors who voted for President-elect Donald Trump have received a mixed response from onlookers.

Supporters in the Capitol clapped and cheered when the state's 10 electors all cast their ballots for Trump.

An opponent in the crowded Senate Lounge called out "justice for all" after the vote took place. A woman in response told the man to "get over it."

The votes for Trump were expected, although opponents looking to block the president-elect from taking office had hoped some electors would change their minds.

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 Missouri's Republican electors soon will gather to cast their votes for the next president of the United States.

The state's 10 GOP electors are set to vote this afternoon at 2 p.m. in the Capitol.

Eight electors interviewed by The Associated Press said they'll vote for Republican President-elect Donald Trump. AP was unable to interview the two other electors.

The voting process has lasted mere minutes in past Missouri elections.

But this year it's being closely watched following an outpouring of pressure from those hoping to stop Trump from taking office.

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You may have heard of the Electoral College.  If certain unlikely but theoretically possible election scenarios play out tonight, then in the near future you will hear more about the Electoral College than the law should allow.