Julia Reichert

Arts and Culture
11:57 am
Thu April 11, 2013

Web documentary asks: How does a city reinvent itself?

The Reinvention Stories project highlights seven residents of Dayton, Ohio and their stories of reinvention after the shutdown of the GM plant.
Credit Reinventionstories.org

Hostess. Nordyne. Fuqua Building Systems. AP Green.

The shutdown of all these plants signaled the loss of hundreds of Missouri jobs. Now imagine if it was just one powerhouse plant that helped define a city – a city known for its innovation and production.

“Dayton, Ohio has a big legacy of invention,” filmmaker Steve Bognar says. “From the car starter, to the step ladder, to the pop top can, to the cash register [having been] invented here.”

But imagine that plant closes. How does a city of inventors reinvent itself in this new time?

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